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Process Measurement & Analysis (PMA) are excited to announce a new partnership with Aquamonitrix  to distribute their innovative nitrite and nitrate online analyser in the UK.

PMA have over 50 years of experience in bringing innovative, reliable online instrumentation to the UK water industry from overseas manufacturers. With Aquamonitrix, PMA will bring a revolutionary new approach to the UK for online nitrate and nitrite analysis utilising a state of the art chromatography system combined with UV absorption. This new method when it comes to online analysis, allows for true separation of nitrate and nitrite prior to a more traditional UV absorption quantification step, and overcomes the challenges of nitrate and nitrite measurement using UV absorption alone or colorimetry.

The Aquamonitrix analyser can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Distribution network monitoring – monitor nitrification in the network when using chloramination
  • Boreholes and groundwater – monitor nitrate and nitrite levels prior to treatment
  • Catchment monitoring – define nitrogen sources to build into a catchment management strategy
  • Wastewater nitrous oxide control – monitor nitrite to improve process control in biological nitrogen removal
  • Wastewater aeration – reduce aeration costs in biological nitrogen removal methods such as ‘nitrite shunt’

“PMA Ltd looks forward to partnering with Aquamonitrix both as a manufacturer for the monitors onboard reagents, and as the distributor of this novel and innovative online instrumentation for nitrate and nitrite.”

Roger PowellSales Director of PMA

“When we drew up our short list of potential partners PMA were right at the top. They have a reputation for after sales service that is second to none and a proven track record of delivering solutions to the UK waster industry. We are delighted to have made such a top class signing.”

Michael StrahandChief Strategy Officer. Aquamonitrix

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