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United Utilities award the Iron in wastewater framework to PMA and the Accuseries analyser

The Accuseries analyser has been chosen by United Utilities (UU) as the framework analyser for Iron in wastewater applications for AMP7. The Accuseries has been in use in UU wastewater sites since 2018 when it replaced the Sentinel on the AMP6 framework.

The Galvanic Applied Sciences Accuseries is a robust, configurable analyser which can utilise a number of different analytical techniques including colorimetry, titration and ion selective electrodes.

For Iron in wastewater applications, the analyser is setup to use a colorimetric Ferrozine method. In the setup used on UU sites, the analyser is most often used without filtration meaning lower maintenance and OpEx. The Ferrozine chemistry used is highly acidic which results in excellent correlation with laboratory total iron tests and also has the added benefit of keeping a lot of the drain tubing clear from blockages ensuring minimal downtime.

The flexibility of the Accuseries means it can be used for a number of different parameters in wastewater applications including alkalinity, sulphate, cyanide heavy metals and more. For more information on the range of parameters that can be measured, view the Accuseries product page here.

PMA are delighted to have retained this competitive framework for Iron in wastewater with one of the biggest utilities in the UK, and are now looking forward to continuing to work closely with UU over the coming years.

Iron in Wastewater analyser

Image of Accuseries analysers used on UU wastewater effluent application in AMP6

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