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s::can have a range of cleaning approaches available for both the spectral sensors and the i::scan, which one is used depends upon the application and the site.

Compressed Air

s::can spectral sensors such as the spectro::lyser and the submersible version of the i::scan come with an integral compressed air nozzle at the top of the sensor. Just connect the compressed air and set up the cleaning frequency using the s::can controller.

Spectral sensor.
Effect of compressed air cleaning on a spectro::lyser (older model).

Compressed air is most commonly used in direct insertion applications but can also be set-up in flow cell arrangements.

Rucksack Brush

The rucksack is a clamp on motorised brush cleaning approach, designed for raw water or wastewater applications. It comes in two different formats for the spectral sensors and the i::scan. For the spectral sensors it can be setup with the 35, 15 or 5mm path lengths.  With i::scan, only two path lengths are available (35 and 5mm) and a rucksack is available for either. 

Completely submersible (IP68), it offers an alternative to compressed air when metal (iron/manganese) staining of the sensor optics could be a potential issue.

15mm rucksack for spectro::lyser in raw water.
Close up of rucksack cleaning.

Flow cell auto brush

The flow cell auto brush can again be used with either the spectral sensors or the i::scan, however, it’s limited to use with 35mm path lengths only so tends to be used on cleaner water samples.

Inside the flow cell.
Automated cleaning in raw water applications.
A spectro::lyser in a flow cell with an auto brush.
The autobrush setup with i::scan.

Demo: Video about rucksack cleaning.

Wiper Pad Cleaning

The wiper pad system is a pneumatically operated piston and cleaning blade for s::can spectral sensors installed in a flow cell system.
The blade has five separate cleaning surfaces edges and therefore in one forward and backward wipe cleans the optics ten times.
Designed for use on wastewater samples, the pad cleaner is compatible with path lengths of 5mm or less and must be used on conjunction with a concube controller.
Inside the pad::cleaner.
Spectral sensor mounted with pad::cleaner.


Whatever your application, and whichever s::can sensor you need, there is a cleaning solution for you to minimise maintenance activities and ensure high quality data.
Contact us to find out which method is best for your application.
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