Simplify your oil in water testing with the Turner Design no solvent extraction method.

Solvent extraction when carrying out oil in water analysis is no longer necessary.  The simple extraction method utilised by Turner Design portable instruments eliminates the requirement to use of hexane, pentane, carbon tetrachloride or any other solvent.

Utilising a specially designed non-fluorescing surfactant, simply add it to the sample to create a microemulsion and measure the oil in water concentration directly with a TD550, TD560 or TD500D.

No surfactant - dispersed oil does not pass through a filter.
Add TDHI surfactant and the oil is solubilised and passes through a filter.

How to Prepare No Solvent Method Calibration Solutions

No more solvent extraction required, simplify your oil in water testing procedure with TDHI portable instrumentation.

Download the quick reference guide to see how simple the procedure is.
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