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2023 is a transformative year as industries globally push for eco-friendly practices while upholding operational efficacy. The Turner Designs TD-120 Oil in Water Analyser has surfaced as an indispensable component in this quest, providing accurate, immediate detection of oil in water, bolstering operations, and curtailing environmental damage.

The introduction of the TD-120 exemplifies the advancements in oil in water analytical technology. It simplifies the monitoring process, offering unprecedented precision.

One of the defining features of the TD-120 is its innovative, solvent-free extraction process, eliminating the need for traditional solvents. This makes oil in water examination safer, more eco-friendly, and more efficient, aligning with the worldwide movement towards environmentally friendly industrial processes in 2023.

The TD-120 allows industries to monitor oil in water levels effortlessly, facilitating regulatory compliance, enhancing process control, and minimizing environmental impact. The TD-120 is undeniably reshaping sustainable industries in 2023 and beyond.

Industries such as power generation, oil refining, and paper production deal with significant volumes of water, posing a challenge in detecting oil leaks. In refineries with once-through cooling systems, the high water volume makes leak detection arduous.

The TD-4100 XD Oil in Water Monitor, a more rugged and durable variant of the TD-4100, caters to these needs. Designed for severe duty and hazardous area locations like offshore oil production and petrochemical sites, it is ideal for detecting and measuring various types of oils, with detection limits from low ppb to high ppm.

The TD-120 Oil in Water Analyser is known for its low maintenance demands. It doesn’t require sample preparation, reagents, or instrument air supply. The analyser’s LED and optical sensors are long-lasting, offering over five years of operation with minimal maintenance or spare parts expenditure.

Investing in the TD-120 Oil in Water Analyser is a strategic move. It provides prompt and dependable detection of oil in raw water intakes and cooling water leaks, preventing costly equipment damage and productivity loss. Furthermore, it bolsters your industry’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

In a nutshell, the TD-120 Oil in Water Analyser is an essential tool for industries prioritizing efficient operation, environmental sustainability, and long-term cost-effectiveness. This device ensures effective monitoring of your cooling systems, with swift detection and resolution of any oil leaks

Designed for applications such as cooling towers, steam condensate and membrane protection.

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